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  WILD BOAR (Sus Scofa)

The wild boar was introduced in Patagonia at the turn of the twentieth century, this is the European Boar which has adapted to the local environment very well, and today they inhabit the foot hills and steppes all along the Andes mountains range from the north of the Neuquen province all the way down to the Santa Cruz province.

Big males are commonly seen alone but it is not rare to see them in groups mixed with females and young boars. An adult male will normally weigh from 150 to 250 pounds and we have had trophies on this property up to 350 pounds . The males have tusks, both on the lower and upper jaw, usually they get longer and thicker with age, but genes play a very important role in the growth as well as the right diet will also encourage tusks to develop better.

The most prolific time of the year to hunt is May through August, since the sows go on heat, then this combined with the winter snowfalls in the high country forces the big males to come down to the valleys where there is more food; this particular behavior makes them more visible and increases the chance of shooting a good trophy.

Since they are of nocturnal behavior, evenings are more productive and mornings can be more unpredictable.
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