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Stalking is the most effective way of hunting in this area. You will leave the lodge either by car or on horseback, then proceed on foot to look for your trophy.
We take one hunter per guide/tracker so you will have direct communication at all times with him, and because you will see different herds, choosing your trophy can take some time, hours to days depending on wind directions, natural camouflage and weather conditions. Blinds and tree stands are also available, built in strategic locations from where you can see the stags roam down the mountains in the evenings as well as back up in the early mornings, typically led be the females who are constantly on the lookout for danger. Based on these facts, you and your guide will plan your stalk accordingly.
During the months of March and April, it starts getting light at about 7:15am and you need to be in the field just before dawn, therefore an early wakeup call is to be expected in order to be out of the lodge on time. You will be in the field until about 10:30 or 11:00am then return to the lodge for lunch and rest. Evening hunts will start at about 4:00pm when your guide picks you up at the lodge and go out until dark.


Wild boar is primarily active in the evenings due to the fact that they are for the most part nocturnal; morning hunts are not as predictable, but can be productive at times.
In this part of northern Patagonia, wild apple trees and wild berries are very common and are an important food source for boars, therefore we have tree stands and lookout points overlooking these areas in order to spot the animals and either plan a stalk based on wind direction, etc. or shoot from the blinds, always baring in mind that you want to be within 50 yards of your target and in a quartering away broadside position in order to secure your shot.
Depending on the hunting location you can expect to be in the field 2 to 4 hours before dark and half an hour before dawn in order to anticipate the animals moving in and out of the thick brush.

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